How to DIY Your Wedding



This week, we’re covering DIY tips and tricks to save you a little cash and maybe put that towards another aspect of your special day. We are all about DIY, but there there can be a right and wrong ways to go about DIY for your own special day and we’re going to cover it all.

Let’s start with your dress. While this may not be a DIY tip, this is definitely a money saving tip that you will definitely thank us for later! Your wedding dress is one of the first things people will see and notice about you on your wedding day. Want to make an entrance people will remember forever? On that day, when you walk into the room, it doesn’t matter what you wear. People will remember your smile, your glow and how you radiated in every way. Not to say that you should drop into your local Goodwill and find the first thing that’s white, but there are a ton of other options when it comes to saving on that dress that you only wear once anyway. If you’re looking to stay within a specific budget, make sure you know what that budget is. {This applies to everything, by the way… not just your dress!} Picture this, you walk in to your favorite bridal shop with your dream dress on your mind and with plenty of pictures of it on your phone ready to show your bridal consultant. First thing’s first. Make sure you know what you want and make sure you know how much you have to spend. Let your consultant know what your budget is. When you tell her it’s “5…” and she says $5,000? You should be firm and explain to her that in fact your budget is actually $500. That taken into consideration, now she knows where you stand and she’ll try to get your number up, but stay true to your budget and you’ll find just what you’re looking for. When she tells you to go somewhere else, kindly ask her if she has any dresses on clearance or can recommend anywhere that would have a dress in your budget. You’d be shocked to see how many beautiful dresses are on clearance just because they’re not “in style” anymore. Dresses can ALWAYS be altered, remember that!

Another idea you may have not considered before now is that there are “rent a dress” services available for brides looking for a dress on a budget. You can beautiful dresses, current collections and designer looks for less than a quarter of the price of getting that dress brand spankin’ new!

If you don’t like the idea of renting your dress, maybe you want to keep if for your children, pass it down, etc., there are other options for you! Did you know that you can find dresses online that have been worn once and they are being sold for less than half the price! Websites like { } have all kinds of used wedding attire and accessories for people just like you!

On the blog tomorrow: What things should you DIY and what should you leave to the professionals?

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