First of all, I just want to take this time to thank everyone who shared our posts, like our page, and follow our updates! Without all of you, this business would simply just be an idea.

That being said, I’m sure the only reason you really came here was to see who won, right? Well, I said there would be one winner for every ten entries, and there were 15 entries!!! So, here’s what I’m doing. THERE IS A FIRST ***AND*** SECOND PLACE WINNER! And, because it’s the holiday season and I’m in the mood for giving, THERE WILL BE A THIRD PLACE WINNER TOO!!! Here’s the catch… Oh, wait! There is no catch! 😉

Well, here goes!

Here are the entries in order of when you shared the “sugar plum fairy” post from first to last.

1 – Jaime Mullinax

2 – Ashley Thomas

3 – Rebecca Bates

4 – Stephanie Jackson

5 – Melissa Davis

6 – Carrie Stricker

7 – Caroline Schaeffer Lewis

8 – Janice Prosser

9 – Esther Heymann

10 – Amber Crudup

11 – Rachel Davis

12 – Michelle Wines

13 – Kenneth Harrington

14 – Hillary Johnson

15 – Liz Law

Through a random online generator here are the results:

1st Place – (7) Caroline Schaeffer Lewis

2nd Place – (15) Liz Law

3rd Place – (8) Janice Prosser

Now, you’re probably wondering what 2nd and 3rd place win, since the 1st place winner receives 10 cards and envelopes. Well, tis the season! All winners get their choice from 10 of either, the MINI THANK YOU CARD album on Aster Studio’s facebook page, or the MINI CHRISTMAS NOTE CARD album! (OR, you can choose a variety pack of both!)

Caroline, Liz and Janice – Please send me a private message on facebook to discuss the options for your gift box. You get your choice of colors, specific cards, and how many of each. (Please include your mailing address as well!)


Thanks for your participation and love!

Best wishes for a warm holiday season!